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BREAKING NEWS: 40K 8th Edition Morale Reveled!

It's a Battleshock test from Age of Sigmar.
  • Everything is done at the end phase of a turn.
  • You add up the numbers of models slain in a unit.
  • Roll a d6.
  • Add them together.
  • Lose models for every point above the units leadership.
I'm not sure if I like this, but I didn't particularly like Leadership tests either. Overall a faster system, and means a unit doesn't get wiped if they break morale in close combat. Also less faffing about with other rules trying to figure out what should happen if a unit falls back into a tank. Less rules bloat is always good.

Not much to explain here really, other than I wonder if Nightlord's will keep their Leadership modifier stacking. If that's the case it would make them genuinely scary.

Of course, this will lead to some hilarious things... think units of Killer Kans having their big stompy robots running away, or packs of Vyper Jetbikes running under assault.

For such a big change, it feels very mundane. Ah well.

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