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BREAKING NEWS: New galaxy map for 40K explained!

Okay... so it looks like the entire galaxy has been ripped a brand new rectum:

Taken from Warhammer Community

Well, I say rectum, but really an ulcer. The big band of purple stretch across and staining the galaxy is called the CICATRIX MALEDICTUM. Running that through a translator reads THE CURSED ULCER. Not going to lie, cicatrix sounds more intimidating.

(10/05/2017 Edit: Anonymous commenter corrected me on this. Translates more effectively to CURSED GASH/SCAR, but now we know it's referred to as THE GREAT RIFT.)

It appears as though Magnus did way more to advance the plot than we dreamed possible. With that thin band of what we can only assume to be warp rupture (because of the skulls and teeth trying to get out...), the Eye of Terror is now linked up to The Maelstrom, and some massive big black hole of scariness at the center of the galaxy.

As a physicist, I know we currently believe there to be a black hole at the center of every galaxy. I will now reveal to my colleagues its probably just a Great Unclean One.

Another development, which makes me very happy to have started collecting Thousand Sons, sees Prospero return to the map, along with the Planet of Sorcerers. This appears to be some kind of forward base for the sprawl of Chaos. The Rock has also officially moved from where it used to be hanging around Badab and Rynn's World to near Fenris and Ryza.

On the Eastern Fringe, Macragge and the Tau have their very own warp rift of Chaos to deal with, and there are minor storms elsewhere in the galaxy.

What does this mean?

Chaos is back to being the primary threat of 40K.

Whereas before it looked like Tyranid Hive fleets had the galaxy encircled, and Ork infestations and Necron tomb worlds were everywhere, it now looks like Chaos are back in charge of the apocalypse. Yesterday they were still tied to the Eye of Terror, and the Maelstrom. Now deamons can appear anywhere in the galaxy.

Even the Tau have a fluffy reason to fight Chaos now, which is going to lead to some really interesting fluff developments.

What's even better is the slightly hard to see writing at the top of the map: Imperium Nihilus. This loosely translates to Nothing Imperial, or the Imperium of Nothing.

Does this mean the Imperium of Man is just cut in half? Has Baal and the Blood Angels found themselves cut off from everything?

The Astropath duct in the North East seems to suggest so... can the light from Terra's Astropath not cut across the warp rifts to the other side of the galaxy? Is that why they need another Astro telepathic duct there to guide human navigation?

Other big news... the Necrons have gotten their stuff together, and are reclaiming territory, taking a good chunk of the Eastern galaxy. Right next to Macragge and the Tau Empire! There even appears to be a dynasty absorbing Baal! The Blood Angels are in right big trouble...

Near that area, if you look closely, you'll see two bright stars whith the label "Temporary Rift Corridor". Expect this to be important.

In a word... everything just got suddenly dramatic.

Also, why are the warp storms in the North called the Emperors Wrath?

Until next time!

UPDATE: New information given to us, with updates here.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Storm of the Emperors Wrath is a leftover from the Age of Apostasy. It appeared and destroyed the Frateris Templar fleet Goge Vandire sent to quell the uprising led by Sebastian Thor.

  2. "The big band of purple stretch across and staining the galaxy is called the CICATRIX MALEDICTUM. Running that through a translator reads THE CURSED ULCER."

    Except it doesn't have the meaning of "ulcer" at all, but "scar" or "gash".
    Whatever translator you used is outright retarded and broken.

    1. Most likely broken, as I think I ran it through the Bing translator (default search engine on my school laptop). Thanks for the fix! Is Imperium Nihilus roughly correct? I ran that through the same translator...


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