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Tabletop Parents have the best books to read...

Still sick, but that didn't stop me from, well, doing everything I always do. Heading for a crash at the end of the week though. Today I managed to get out to my local Games Workshop, taking my son along with me.

He loves the shop, and always demands we sit down and read the Battletomes and Codexes whilst we're there. Today we picked up the latest White Dwarf, and were happily rolling down the high street whilst he flicked through the pages.

Just catching up on the latest Black Library...
Believe me, there were many more uptight parents who were scandalised at the notion of a toddler looking at pictures of sky pirate dwarfs.

However, they were also very jealous he was holding the magazine the right way up, and turning the pages in the right order (one of the early years literacy checks for 3/4 year olds). As a teacher I know my stuff.

Anyway, just to keep you updated on the polls for the next project, Thousand Sons are still in the lead, despite the Wolves getting some support. No one loves the World Eaters apparently.

After checking the prices for the Thousand Sons models, I think I'm rooting for the Space Wolves. It'll cost near £100 to get a 450 point Sons army going, wheras the Wolvs can fill that out with their Start Collecting! kit, with the formation there to make it legal.

But that got me thinking about formations. And an idea for the Thousand Sons so crazy, it just might work!

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