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Army Showcase and Painting Guide: Purple Orks

So, my surprise project has been my Grape Ladz, an army of purple painted orks.

I'm particularly proud of the Squiggoth
 As you can see, their camo blends really well with the city scape. I was so pleased with the effect, I thought I'd let you in on my secret painting techniques. First you need a high quality miniature paint. I'm a big fan of the Citadel range, but my son has been raving about this particular brand, and I can absolutely see why.

Nice big pots too
You can't fault this range for price... this whole set only cost 4 pounds! Speaking of good value, I also picked up this fine detail brush:

You can fit your mini in the hole to prevent it running away

I know what you're thinking... why isn't he using a wet palette? This brush is so good it stores a huge amount of water across the entire tip. Which means you rarely, if ever have to dip your brush into the water pot.

Speaking of water, I've ben using the best new product from Games Workshop:

Just to give you an idea, here's what a single ork boy looks like with one and a half coats. It was really easy to paint it directly onto the sprue. It's so good I didn't even need to undercoat it first!

 Hope that helps you with your own purple orks. Be careful though, as I keep losing them and they're just so difficult to find. They're always mucking about!

Until next time, and I hope you're having a good start to April!

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