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Terrain Painting Guide: Iron and Stone

Well, I'm officially back from holiday, with school kicking off again tomorrow. I finally had some time to sit down and paint up some terrain for the club.

Awesome evening lighting

They're all quick jobs, and very easy to do. Starting with the Bastion donated by Tabletop Engineer.

It was base coated in black when it was donated. All I did was give it a quick brush down with Leadbelcher, and then a focused dry brush of Mournfang brown for rust and mud.

 This was donated by Games Workshop itself when I started the club. I gave it a spray of my Montana Stealth, a paint I bought to base coat my Tau. Unfortunately, the paint was quite water resistant, meaning layers on top tended to bead up, and not cover smoothly. It makes a great base for dry brushed scenery though!

The whole thing was then dry brushed with Dawnstone, and a focused dry brush of Ulthuan Grey on the more exciting features. Basically the light grey only went on the dragon statues and arches.

The same was done for the altar:

This one isn't really done yet, as I still need to paint the fires on top and the pool below. Since I already have a fire and warp green gate, I think I might do these as a cold blue instead.

Well there you go. Quick and dirty terrain guide, which will still look effective on table top. Have a good one, and for anyone starting school again... I feel your pain. Remember, Warhammer after school makes the day instantly better!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I like the quick and easy style! It gets the job done but doesn't take too much time to accomplish.

    1. Thanks! Whilst I wouldn't recommend it for models, it still gives a nice background for your Space Marines to stand in front of. Don't really want to overshadow the actual armies in the game!


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