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Well... I'm now sick. But I won't let that stop me from posting!

Since the new Outcast Eldar will bring up my Craftworld Army up to 1000 points, I'm looking for a new project. Whilst you may be wondering why I don't take it to a more standard 1850 point army, have you ever tried playing a game that scale with a beginner? In under one hour?

Exactly. Being honest, 1000 points is more than I'll ever need for Eldar anyway, and I'm just doing it for an excuse to kit bash.

As such, I've narrowed down my options for a new 40K project down to three, less forgiving and harder-to-make-work with low points battles: Space Wolves, Thousand Sons, and World Eaters.

The Thousand Sons and World Eaters both represent me needing a 'bad guy' army, for the various flavours of Dark Angels to fight against. Currently my Imperial-loving neophytes only have filthy xenos to fight against, and they've been having their bottoms handed to them by Tau shooting and Eldar... Eldarishness*.

Thousand Sons appeal to my nerdy nature, by playing with psychic powers to the extreme, whereas World Eaters satisfy my more primal need to hit something squishy with something heavy whilst creaming at the top of my lungs.

Yes they're two very different needs. I'm complex.

The Space Wolves are something I've always wanted to give a whirl, but are still loyalist, and therefore not bad enough to be 'bad guys', despite the beards, alcohol abuse and tendency to turn into rabid dogs.

I posted the question to The Twitters, and despite an early lead for the Space Puppies, the Thousand Sons are pulling ahead.

If you'd like to put in your opinion, you can click on the twitter poll here. You can also let me know your opinion in the comments below.

Bleh... right, I'm off to bed.

*Eldarishness: (noun) A combination of great shooting, psychic shenanigans and not being terrible enough in close combat. Linked with beardiness, cheese, and beardy cheese.

Thanks for reading.

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