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Thousand Sons and Space WolvesTest Models

With the polls losing tomorrow, and no other votes being made in the past day, it looks as though the Thousand Sons will be the winners!

However, I did have a go at testing out paint schemes for both the Wolves and Sons:

The first model is the standard Russ Grey Space Wolf (center left). It took me about 30 seconds to realise I hated it. Which is weird, because I really like Space Wolf blue in theory. I just don't like painting it.

The second one I painted was the center right Thousand Son blue marine. When I showed this to Tabletop Engineer, he simply said "I don't like it, but that just because I'm biased against Ultramarine colours." Wardian scars run deep my friends. Either way, I somewhat agree... the usual painting guides always look a little too dark for my tastes.

The far left is one I reaaally like. Mechanicus Grey, dry brushed with Fenrisian Grey and a little Ulthuan Grey, washed down with a 50/50 mix of Nuln Oil and Lahmian Medium. It took 3 minutes to paint! If I was more patient with the dry brushing, I'm confident I could get a nice polished stone effect on the armour.

The far right is one I reeaaally like too. It's the same as the previous, with a more blended highlight from Thousand Son to Ahriman Blue. The gold was done first, dry brushed with Skullcrusher Brass making it really sparkle!

I'll be keeping the far left and right ones for future projects. The Thousand Sons looks like it will be coming up, but I still want to do Space Wolves at some point.

Until next time!

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