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8th Edition 40K Advanced Rules: Cities of Death

I'm old enough to remember the first Cities of Death expansion for 40K, and so I'm rather pleased to see this come in on release!
The main claim to fame for the old version was doing away with templates, as they tended to get stuck on terrain making them impossible to fit on a unit hiding in rubble. Instead, units within the range took a random number of hit, which certainly sounds familiar.
Rules for 8th Edition we can pick out of the release over at Warhammer Community:
  • Only infantry get a natural cover bonus for being in cover.
  • Monsters and vehicles must be obscured to gain a bonus (no more toe-in-cover for you Mr. Wraithknight).
Specific rules for Cities of Death specialist missions include:
  • Doubling the cover bonus for infantry that don't move.
  • Flying units can jump from rooftop to rooftop... although I don't see why they can't in normal missions...
  • Grenades thrown in ruins always have the maximum number of shots possible (does this apply to all blast and template weapons?)
  • Grenades can re-roll to wound against units in cover
We also see a new Stratagem specific to the Cities of Deaths missions:

Excellent! Infiltrate for everyone! This kind of flexibility with Command Points, means that whatever type of army you pick, or faction you buy into, you can always have a little taste of different play styles.

Well done Games Workshop. This has me dusting off my T'au, if only to have the sheer Gundamesque awesomeness of having a Crisis Suit team burst out of a drain pipe!

With that said, I'm hoping Crisis Suits teams can still be taken as Troops choices in 8th Edition. There may well be a formation which lets you only take elites, but I'd rather the Farsight Enclave traditions of battlesuit spear heads be preserved.

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