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BREAKIG NEWS!: 8th Edition 40K Assault Phase Explained!

It's like Age of Sigmar.

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You know this gag doesn't work well in print, but here's a more thorough break down.

Initiative is gone, with charging units going first in combat. This means that every single one of your chargin units gets to hit first in close combat, which can lead to some seriously powerful alpha strikes if you charge multiple units at a single target.

This is clearly to support assassin type, glass canon melee units. Remember with Overwatch and Fall Back being what they are, it's beneficial to have heavily armoured units take the lead in the charge. This way you can follow up with some melee damage units, and still get to hit first.

Not bad, and lets you do coordinated assaults without having to sacrifice a units effectiveness.

This also means that a big battlefield-wide charge... lets call it a WAAGGHHH!!!, means that you can do some serious damage to an enemy without expecting too much in return.

Combat after that is done by taking turns, which is awesome for anyone not an Eldar. Orks are already cheering the fact they get a chance to krump Marines before getting hit.

I want to say this is a nerf to Dark Eldar, but I'd imagine they'd get some special rules to break the pattern, as would any melee based army.

Other than that, a lot of everything else is as you'd expect. What's interesting is that Strength and Toughness are still there, even though weapons have been teased as having Rends and Multiple wound values. This is rational, but is still going to mean some look up table stuff... again that layer of complexity over AoS.

Nothing really ground breaking here, except for the loss of Initiative. I'm not all that sad to see it go, as it really only hurt the Orks... everything else with low Initiative either had stupid amounts a defences (Necrons) or too many guns to care about close combat (Tau).

Interesting implication though... what about Power Fists? Will Unwieldy weapons exist any more? Or will they just be the flip side of the Tyranid Lashwhips they mention, messing around with combat order.

A lot of questions, but we'll just have to wait...

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