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8th Edition Strongholds and Buildings

I think everyone has heard of a T'au T'ide W'all, or an Imperial Aegis Line, but I don't think the majority of players actually use them. The rules for buildings have always seemed a bit obtuse, and were considered an add-on rather than an integral part of the game.
8th Edition is no different, but will have "advanced" rules for strongholds and structures at release.
A few quick points, as Games Workshop has been light on this reveal:
  • New Batlefield types and deploments
  • New Strategems (shown above)
  • Extra specialist rules for blowing up Buildings etc.
  • Buildings will have Toughness and an armour Save, with more than a dozen Wounds
The direction this seems to be heading in is for Narrative games, or fun set pieces rather than competitive matched play. The good old Void Shield may still be around, but at least the marketing thrust seems to be geared towards charging the other guys castle, or holding out in a bunker.
Not much new here, apart from getting an Optional Rules part of the Rule Book for 8th Edition, just like we've seen with Blood Bowl.
So with that... until next time!

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