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BREAKING NEWS: 648 Lasguns to Kill a Morkanaut!

That's a lot of Guardsmen...

Games Workshop revealed their monstrous creature/large vehicle format, giving us the stat block for the Morkanaut:

Taken from Warhammer Community
I'm not going to go into further analysis why there are damage tables, as I've already done so here.

However, a lot of people were complaining about how lasguns could now kill a Land Raider, so I thought I'd do some quick maths to show that they probably have nothing to worry about.

Assuming the average lasgun retains it Strength 3, and no rend profile, and assuming the average Guardsman still has an effective Ballistic Skill of 3, we get the following table:

Lasgun shots Hits Wounds After Saves Shots to Death
1 0.5 0.083333 0.027777778 648

This shows the average shot from a lasgun hitting half the time, resulting in about 0.08 wounds per shot (assuming a worst case scenario of needing 6s to wound).

After saves this goes down to 0.03 wounds per lasgun. We take the wound count of the Morkanaut (18) and divide it by the average number of wounds and we get 648.

648 lasgun shots to bring down a Morkanuat.

I think it's safe from small arms fire!

What this does mean is that there is a point to having mixed weapon squads again! Now, Astra Militarum squads, Space Marine Tacticals, and anything else with the one special or heavy weapon, is entirely justified in firing at the Land Raider. The odds are slim, but you still may pick up a lucky wound with the rest of the squad weapons. Before, the others in the squad simply served as ablative wounds to the missile launcher or melta gun. Now they can get some work done!

This is a positive step towards not wasting models on the board. There's very little fun in spending hours painting up a squad for only one model to really count, and you're not going to put your heart and soul into painting a miniature who's a glorified meat shield.

So far, good stuff. I think 18 wounds is a tad on the excessive side, but then again I haven't seen the big guns yet. We'll wait until tomorrow for some more reveals about mechanics.

Until next time!

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