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8th Edition 40K, Tau Battle suits

The leaks are coming in faster than my posting schedule and other commitments can allow! I'm not unconvinced this isn't an underhanded marketing ploy by Games Workshop in the run up to pre-orders going live this weekend, but whatever is causing this deluge of leaks, I can't comment on all of it before it becomes irrelevant.

I did want to speak about the Tau leaked info, and what this means to me.

Taken from Faeit 212:

As expected, the deep strike is still there. It's been flavoured to a drop from a Manta ship, but this kind of safe drop is going to be utterly amazing for crisis suit squads. The Fly special rule is there, and even the Bonding Knife Ritual is amazing, getting rid of a potential squad wipe from bad rolls.

Toughness 5 and 3 wounds is nothing but the best kind of upgrade, making these suits tougher than those already broken Primaris Inceptors. Put on top of that upgrades to 3 missile pods per suit, and you have a terrifying unit, even before marker lights!

The only thing I'm not so keen on is the difference in power levels from the crisis suit squad to the Bodyguard unit. Whilst I'm sure the difference is more pronounced in points, there is little reason not to take them in power level play. But to be honest, power level play was never meant for competition...

Ok, back to work now. Check out Faeit 212 for more leaks and info.

Until next time!

Edit: I've just remembered that fusion blasters are range 18 inches. As the suits can deep strike perfectly at 9 inches, half melta range, this makes the crisis suits the best suicide melta alpha strikers in the game!

Thanks for reading.

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