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450pts Thousand Sons Army List: Ahriman the Goat Herder

Something of a giggle build for Thousand Sons, revolving around a powerful ace HQ and some warm bodies for canon fodder.

God I miss my computer... image edited in Paint with Ahriman picture from here

Combined Arms Detachment [440 points]

Ahriman: Disc of Tzeentch [260 points]


Tzaangors: 10x with Twistbray and Autopistol upgrades [90 points]

Tzaangors: 10x with Twistbray and Autopistol upgrades [90 points]

A little funny, in that Ahriman runs as a Psyker gun boat, zipping around on his disc and unloading 4 Psychic Shrieks into the enemy per turn, leading to potential tabling in a few rounds.

What's even funnier is that this has some really quite fast deployment options. Ahriman's Warlord trait means that at least one of those Tzaangor herds is Infiltrating! That sets up a nice, Invulnerable saving tar pit right on the enemy front lines, or a guaranteed second turn charge against an army suffering under a barrage of mind bullets!

It's a silly army, and really doesn't scale well into 500 points. But it is really funny to imagine Ahriman herding a bunch of goats into battle, whilst angrily blasting trespassers off his grazing lands!

Poll to decide my next project still open, with Thousand Sons still in the lead. Get your vote in here!

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