Outcast Warp Spider: Basing with Rocks

I fully intended to make my Outcast Warpspiders solely from the Gangs of Commoragh box set, which is really just a box of Hellions and Reaver Jetbikes.

The issue is that everything is on a flying base, which doesn't work so well with infantary like War Spiders. I grabbed some spare small bases from the bits box, which were of the old slot and bar type you get in the Dark Vengeance set.

Whilst the slot isn't that big of a problem, the Hellion legs themselves are. They're designed to fit on the sloped surfaces of their skyboards, and so don't fit well on a flat base.

The solution is to throw rocks at it:

These are some small pebbles I stole from the climbing wall gravel pit. I know there are some hobby shops which sell this stuff for £10 per 200g bag (and probably advertise them as super clean rocks, hand picked by Sisters of Battle, and polished by Citadel War-ter fresh from Himalayan springs). Don't buy that. If you don't have an easy place to find little stones, you can get a big 5kg bag of gravel for a few pounds from Homebase.

The first step is to glue the stones to the base. You need to use PVA glue for this, as the slightly rubbery texture means the rocks aren't going to snap themselves off the base whilst you push it around the board. This can lead to you re-sanding and painting a base, and there's very little fun in that!

You'll need to wait a good long time for it to set. When it doesn't move around on the base, you can then use Super Glue to fix your models legs o the base. We don't use PVA here, as you'll be sat holding the model to the rocks forever... and you want the model to snap at the contact point between rock and foot if something dos go wrong. PVA glue can also obscure the details around the foot.

It'll need to dry for about 2-3 minutes before you can let go... but when it's done, you'll have a nice base to construct the rest of the model on.

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