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BREAKING NEWS: Games Worshop refunds your old codex!

Image taken from Warhammer Community

In a massively good move, Games Workshop is going to refund the cost of any codex you bought in the last two months.

As long as you still have the receipt or other proof of purchase, GW will send you a voucher for the cost of any codex bought in the last 8 weeks. This is usually done for about 4 weeks, but they have double it for 8th Edition.

I'm just going to quote word for word from the Warhammer Community web site:

"You can claim a voucher no matter where you bought your codex and/or rulebook, as long as you have your proof of purchase and it’s dated between the 25th of February 2017 and the 22nd of April 2017."
- Warhammer Community, 25th April 2017
So it looks like you can even get a refund for books you've bought off of third party suppliers!

The wording suggests you may be able to get a refund for other books as well, such as the Gathering Storm books. As I still have my receipt to get reimbursed from the school for Gathering Storm 2, I'll attempt to get a voucher for that, and let you know how it goes.

What does this mean?

Well, Games Workshop have appeared to have learned from the mistakes of Age of Sigmar. Rather than a super exciting send off for the old edition, such as they did with the End Times for Warhammer Fantasy Battle, they've concentrated on hyping up the next edition, and making you as excited for it as possible.

This is all indicative of a way more slick and professional marketing team that GW has put together since last year. They're presenting a very strong case for the next edition, and despite murmurings of Sigmarification, the new design focus looks positive.

I also really wish I had bought the Traitor Legion book last weekend as well...

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  1. They will not refund the Gathering Storm books, this is the reply I have gotten today :

    "Hi Nick,

    I am really sorry, but The Gathering Storm books are not part of the voucher offer, this is because they are 90% narrative which is still awesome and hopefully you will continue to enjoy going forwards.
    Sorry for any disappointment caused.

    Kind regards,

    How would you rate my reply?
    Great Okay Not Good


    I find this a very weak excuse (because you needed to buy the Gathering Storm books if you wanted to use Guilliman in your games and GW knows prefectly well that the books that sold the most the 8 weeks prior before the 8th edition announcement were the Gathering Storm books. Total ripoff !

    1. I was worried that would be the case. I doubt they would have planned on selling these things if they knew they were going to refund them in the next month or so.

      Thanks for finding out for us, and I'll pop out a quick post about it tomorrow.


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