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Next Project update, and Thousand Sons Starter List

Well... a lot of love for the Traitor Nerds out there, and not enough for the flea bag Vikings:

We'll just not mention the poor World Eaters, who are universally disdained by Chaos, the Imperium, the 40K playing populace, and even their own primarch. Don't worry guys, Khorne still loves you!


Anyway, the issue of getting a working Thousand Sons army at 450 points is a big one. Space Wolves are relatively easy, getting either a Deathpack going from the started set (which just needs a drop pod to become useable), or the more expensive CAD option of two Blood Claw packs in transports, all of which I can scrape under about £80.

You contrast that with the Thousand Sons, which scale upwards nicely, but are comparatively expensive for low point armies (thanks to the high money to point ratio of Tzangors, and the very high points cost of Rubricae).

So, I decided to think a little out of the box, and play a bit with a formation:

Thousand Sons, War Coven [450 points]


Sorcerer: Mastery Level 2, Bike, Pistol, Force Staff, Mark of Tzeentch


Sorcerer: Mastery Level 2, Bike, Pistol, Force Staff, Mark of Tzeentch

Sorcerer: Mastery Level 2, Bike, Pistol, Force Staff, Mark of Tzeentch

Sorcerer: Mastery Level 1, Jump Pack, Pistol, Force Staff, Mark of Tzeentch

This... is silly. But it looks like it could work well.

The idea behind this formation is to abuse Psychic Shriek, and maybe get lucky on the Tzeentch psychic power table. The formation allows you to pick one BRB psychic discipline, and models in that formation get to harness warp charges for powers in that discipline on a 3+.

The idea would be for the biker Sorcerers to ride up to the enemy mind bullet them to death, and then Turbo-boost away. With the range of Psychic Shriek being 18-inches, that should be enough to keep them out of the worst of the counter-fire, whilst hiding behind walls and T5 jink saves to mitigate the majority of it.

By choosing the Telepathy Discipline, there are also some nice defensive shenanigans they can pull. Since each ML2 Sorcerer can only get one power, they can roll on the table and see if anything interesting comes up, like Invisibility or the Shrouding power. If neither pops up, just swap for Shriek.

A best case Scenario: Invisibility, Shrouding for a 2+ Jink save and a Shrieker at the front... plus whatever happens from the Tzeentch table.

The jump-packer is there as a Warp Charge battery, but has the Jump Pack to keep mobile, and if he gets lucky on the Tzeentch table, maybe drop a few Doombolts.

It's far, far, faaaaar from competitive, but clocks in at around £40 worth of models. Outnumbered and massively reliant on psychic powers, this seems like a good way to decide if I like the Thousand Sons play style or not.

And yes, a 4 model army is a really bad idea, but should make for an entertaining training army for my students to play against. Also, before anyone starts complaining about the cheesy beardiness of the Telepathy discipline, there are literally 8 wounds to table this force.

I plan to call the Sorcerers Athos, Aramis, Porthos and D'Artagnan.

Unless, of course, the World Eaters have a sudden rush of support! Polls will be open for another 5 days.

Until next time...

Thanks for reading.

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