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Wizard in Progress: The Disclet of Tzeentch Mk. 2

Whilst I like the shield surf board stolen from a Stormcast Eternal, I couldn't get any of my Sorcerer models to fit easily on them. So I came up with the new Disclet of Tzeentch!

A really simple conversion. All you need is a flying base flipped upside down. The blades and tail are scavenged from bits left over from my Dark Eldar Reaver kit, the tail being an agoniser. The crest at the back is taken from my new Exalted Sorcerer kit. Drill a tiny hole in the base (in all honesty I used a nail...), and there you go.

There is some sanding at the bottom of this one, which is left over from it being a texture from a normal flying base. I'll see what it looks like after painting, as it does bulk out the base a bit. If it looks like unfinished metal, it'll be a nice way of differentiating it from a true Disc of Tzeentch.

Most importantly, all the sorcerers fit easily on the flat surface. I should have this army done in record time! Term starts properly tomorrow. I hope to see what my neophytes have been getting up to over Easter.

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