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Blood Angels vs Tau Battle Report: First Fight of Summer!

With school now in for Summer (much to Alice Cooper's consternation), the club has finally gotten back together to fight some battles. With a brand new member, and one returning after a term's hiatus, we did a quick and easy start up battle.

Blood Angels advancing in defiance of Tau firepower!
The armies are very simple, and actually are really good for new players. The Tau are many, have big guns, but are not so good at using them. The Blood Angels are few, have some special weapons to play with and can punch faces better. Two 5-man Tactical squads plus flamers face off against two 6-tau Firewarriors.

The board is teeny tiny, to avoid long foot slogs. if you think this give the Tau a disadvantage, well not really. At 15-inches, they are a right fire hose of hot pulse rifle death, and return Marine fire is somewhat muted at medium range by the flamer.

The battle is over a downed Eldar jet biker in the middle of the field, the Tau wanting to claim him for the Greater Good and the Bangles looking to seize him for the Emprah! Both likely to cut open his brain to see if the knowledge for making D-Scythes falls out.

Both student neophytes set up with one unit on the in a tower, and one advancing up the side. Cover is actually fairly redundant in this game, meaning less for the students to think about. Both sides have armour better than each others APs, meaning they don't have to mess around with that mechanic. Games Workshop... take note of this. Unit variety is good, but try and have some rules redundancies in your starter armies, so new players can play a game quicker.

The Bangles got first turn, and advanced firing, doing spectacular damage to the scenery and Tau armour, but sadly not killing a single xenos. The Tau responded in kind by opening up their own volleys, felling two Marines.

However, one Frirewarror team moved up too far, and set themselves up for a vicious Bangle charge, with one squad descending from their tower to exact bloody vengeance for their lost Battle Brother.

Mighty combat!
The Blood Angels charged with the full fury of their Primarch, all of their attacks landing on the beleaguered xenos!

They failed to wound a single one.

Sanguinius wept.

The Tau struck back, and landed nothing but a single hit which failed to wound. Combat was drawn, and in the next Tau turn, only one unit could fire. Clearly shaken by the violence on their flank, the one unit free to shoot failed to kill a single Marine.

The next turn saw the Blood Angels do what they should have done on their charge, killing two Firewarriors, who broke and were cut down as they fled.

Last stand
The writing was on the wall for the Tau, and despite getting another volley of fire in, failed to wound again for the second turn in a row! The Blood Angels sensing victory roasted and shot the remaining Tau, leaving just one Firewarrior left.

His squad mates dead and burning around him, he decided he needed to escape to notify the Commander of this loss, failing his morale check and performing a retrovade manoeuvre off the board.

A really good first fight for the retuning neophytes, which had the Tau player demanding a second round. You can't ask for more than that!

Until next time!

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