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BREAKING NEWS: 8th Edition FAQ and Errata Released!!

And here I thought I was going to have nothing new to post about for 8th Edition. The FAQ is already up over at Warhammer Community.

New FAQ artwork
It's genuinely surprising that we have an FAQ out so early, but this is New Games Workshop in action. One might question why a new FAQ was needed so early after release, but very few games try to re-write every single one of their factions in one go.

Well, except Games Workshop with Age of Sigmar, but they coped with that with the infamous special rules where you had to twirl your moustache, or got bonus attacks if your opponent had a pet. As in a real pet, not on the table top.

It was not well received.

On to the FAQs.I haven't had time to go through in detail, but I've given you some observations that have leapt out at me in each one.

Link here

Important extra rule for the Death Guard here, giving them the universal Traitor Marine rule they have in the Index.

Link here

The immediate FAQ point that jumps out at me is the Thousand Sons All is Dust rule giving a +1 to Invulnerable saves too! Considering they get to re-roll 1s near their HQ units for these... well Tzeentch damn, that's good armour.

Link here
Mostly errata in this one, as Space Marine rules tend to be fairly vanilla. The one glaring problem that I'm sure most Blood Angel players have "overlooked" in this edition is that their assault marines can no longer have meltaguns. Which hasn't been addressed in this FAQ.

Let the Black Rage begin.

Link here 
Nothing to report from me. Despite flirting with the idea of an AdMech army, there's not a whole lot in this book that I need to keep on top on. If anyone can let me know of some controversy or welcome changes, please mention it in the comments. 

Link here
The Ynnari are still not allowed to use other Eldar race transports. So we still can't have Wraithguard on Raiders, and the sheer terror that comes with such a thing.

Necrons Reanimation Protocols are perhaps more scary than that though, as multi-wound models come back to life with their full complement of wounds. I don't have my book handy to check how many wounds Immortals and Lych Guard have, but that just strikes me as unfair... make sure you send some overkill to any Necron unit, as wearing them down gently is not an option.

Link here
I'm just going to quote directly from the FAQ here:

Q. Can I have a Battle-forged army that consists of one Detachment of Genestealer Cults, one Detachment of Astra Militarum (using the Brood Brothers rule) and one Detachment of Tyranids?
A. Yes.
 Bugs with artillery. Mother of God...

Link here

There's a lot to sift through here, but the important one for your cheese-mongering friend is the clarification that the same buff aura's from HQ units do not stack.

So no, two Primaris Lieutenants don't let you re-roll 1s twice.

Link here
Again, there's an awful lot of information there, but what jumped out at me was this ruling:

Q. Does a weapon have to be in range of the charging unit to fire Overwatch at it?
A. Yes.
Which means you might fail the charge, but you can avoid flamer auto-hitting Overwatch.

Ok, it's a school night, and I have a trip to the zoo tomorrow. Good night all, and happy reading.

Until next time!

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