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BREAKING NEWS: Primaris Reivers rules revealed

Whilst I'm still dubious as to where these guys come in with Guilliman's bright and shiny new crusade, Warhammer Community has revealed a little of the rules for them.

And they are scary.

You'll see why that's funny later.

primaris space marine reiver
Dramatic lighting not included in box set
First up is what you'd expect from a Primaris Marine:

  • 2 Wounds
  • 2 Attacks
  • 3+ armour save
  • 3+ WS (Unconfirmed)
  • 3+ BS (Unconfirmed)
  • 4 Strenth (Unconfirmed)
  • 4 Toughness (Unconfirmed)

Their wargear is literally the close combat version of the Intercessors:

  • The Heavy Bolt Pistol is the same as normal, but with the standard(?) -1 AP of the Primaris bolters.
  • The combat knife gives an extra attack.

Where things get good is the special issue wargear.

Shock grenades are amazing little bundles of fun that stop an enemy from shooting overwatch. The Tau weep, but remember it only affects the target unit. For the Greater Good means your infantry line can still open up on these guys if they charge.

The shock grenades also give a -1 To Hit in shooting, meaning they can toss grenades to weaken the shooting of one unit, and charge another thanks to the new way shooting works in 8th Edition.

Their special rule is Terror Troops (See? Scary.), and the wording is a little unclear. I'm just going to quote directly from Warhammer Community and then let you know where the confusion can come in:

In-game, this forces nearby enemy units to subtract 1 from their Leadership. Like shock grenades, you’ll have to be deep in enemy lines to maximise the effectiveness of this ability, but it’s worth noting that this doesn’t just directly aid the Reivers themselves but also their fellow Battle-brothers. If one of your opponent’s gunline units is caught fighting Reivers, units within 3” will also be suffering penalties to their Leadership 
I'm assuming this means that the Reivers have a debilitation bubble stolen right from the AdMechs Sicarian Infiltrators, only not as good. But it could also be interpreted as affecting the unit the Reivers are in combat with, and then other units within 3-inches of the unit the Reivers are in combat with.

It's going to be the difference between the area of effect being around the Reivers themselves, or charging the biggest blob of canon fodder to spread the debuff around. It should really be the former, but we'll have to wait and see.

Overall, I really like the concept of the unit, but can't really see them wearing Macragge Blue. Such a unit would fit in well with Space Wolves, as a loner hunting unit. I can imagine White Scars using these as dedicated headhunters. I can even see the Black Templars fielding these as zealots willing to forgo the traditional Crusade mobs to decapitate some of the Emperor's foes.

I just don't see the Strength and Honour Ultramarines being able to do a duty which, by all rights, has its origins in the Night Lords or Alpha Legion. Or maybe even these guys...

sons of horus reaver attack squad
Sons of Horus Reavers from Forgeworld
Fluff dissonance aside, I'll be getting some for my Primaris Field Police.

primaris space marine field police
Nos es Lex
You may be thinking that a unit of terror troops would not fit in with the clean and ordered aesthetic of a space cop chapter. Well, I was thinking these guys would be a dedicated tracking unit. Perhaps some kind of bounty hunting unit. Perhaps sharing a colour scheme with this guy:

space marine boba fett
Swap some grey for white, he'd fit right in.
 I've been looking for an excuse to get him into 40K for years...

Until next time!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I've recently figured a way to put in Star Wars minis is with Were a Militarum or just Imperial Guard. They offer the best opportunity to use these figures in a Star Wars themed rebel army. That is my task and have yet to complete them,but it sure is fun.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. The rebel army sounds really cool! Do you have any work in progress shots?

  2. Yes, i barely have an HQ Straken Luke Skywalker, and astronauts that are R2D2 and C-3PO, also a squad of conscripts x30 of Rebel troopers. Plan to make Rough Riders, and maybe Boba Fett as an assassin. Thats all for now but i cant wait till its all together.


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