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BREAKING NEWS: 8th Edition Iron Hands Stratagems and Chapter Tactics Revealed!

The Iron hands are revealed today over on Warhammer Community. They were already a strong force in 7th, with army wide Feel No Pain, It will Not Die on all their vehicles, and access to Chapter Master Smash****er who was the very definition of Hero-Hammer... right down to using a hammer.

Let's see what 8th Edition brings for the Sons of Medusa!

8th edition space marine chapter tactics iron hands
Imagine the Terminator if he was a Space Marine
First up is the Chapter tactic, which is copy-pasted from 7th edition:

8th edition space marine chapter tactics iron hands
Feel no Pain 6+ to you vets out there
I've looked at this already, and like the Salamanders, I will just copy/paste from the earlier post:

Iron Hands, The Flesh is Weak
  • Feel No Pain 6+

Same as before, but you simply can't gloss over the benefit of ignoring 1/6 of the wounds you receive... after armour saves. Very strong, as any Plague Marine can tell you.
Short and simple, and useful for literally every model. What I didn't pick up on, and what was highlighted in Warhammer Community, is that Dreadnoughts also get this ability. It used to be It Will Not Die, a chance to regenerate a lost wound at the end of each turn. The new ruling is easier to remember, and can keep a Dreadnought from getting killed.

Statistically, this is effectively the same bonus as It Will Not Die, giving a another wound or two to the Dreadnought before it drops. It's just more reliable in a single turn. Add o to that the confirmation this works in tandem with the Venerable Dreadnoughts Unyielding rule, and you have a real beast that can't be ignored!

The Stratagem for Iron Hands is Machine Empathy, allowing you to spend Command Points to move and shoot Heavy Weapons without penalty, or advance and shoot with Assault weapons without penalty. Useful in the right situation, most notably with vehicles with loads of guns.

It is a stark reminder that Dreadnoughts and tanks are no longer Relentless Heavy weapon platforms though. Definitely something that needs to be considered when choosing weapons for vehicles now...

There is also a reveal on a unique piece of wargear:

8th edition space marine chapter tactics iron hands relic
Kind of an odd relic to build hype with... 
It's a relic blade... but more reliable with 2 Damage instead of d3. Huh. Wonder if it's cheaper than the vanilla blade. Otherwise an entirely skippable option.

Overall, great but not hugely exciting. The problem is that they were good already in 7th Edition, and any changes they made now would be less than what they were in the past. We'll have to wait and see what else is in store for them in the Codex. But don't be disheartened Scions of Ferrus Manus! Those are some still some great rules, and still very competitive!

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Tomorrow, Imperial Fists, Crimson Fists, and Black Templars!

Until next time!

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