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New Space Marine Aggressors Revealed!

This is a day delayed because I've tried to find some information beyond the obvious. These Aggressors, whilst really cool looking, are very much a blunt instrument... what you see is what you get, and they're about as useful as you'd expect too. But they are something unique in the Space Marine army, and fulfil a role that's not really been done well before.
8th edition space marine primaris aggressors review
Taken from the Games Workshop web store
This presents me with a problem, in that I can tell you what they are, but not really any nuance or analysis beyond that.

They are tougher Primaris Space Marines, wearing Gravis armour. That's not-quite-terminator grade, and even a step below hopping on a bike, as you only get the extra wound and +1 Toughness without the bikes speed boost.

This is actually a minor problem with the Captain in Dark Imperium. I was trying to work out when it would be better to use his Gauntlet or Master Crafted power sword, and just kept coming up with Gauntlet for all situations. The maths for most situations is similar, and the Gauntlet comes out on top thanks to the easier To-Wound roll.

Which means, aside from the boltstorm pistol attached, the Gravis Captain is not nearly as good as a vanilla Captain on a bike with a Power Fist and a Storm Shield. You get a better invulnerable save, is way faster, and comes in at 2 points cheaper.

I think a similar problems rests on these guys.

With really nice close combat capability thanks to the high toughness and dual power fists, Space Marine bikes just kind of do it faster. And speaking of other units that have similar stats and roles...

8th edition space marine primaris aggressors review
Taken from the Games Workshop web store
The Aggressors are like these guys, but faster, one less point of strength, and pistols as an option instead of melta-guns. The gauntlets are also weaker compared to the drills. If you opt for the bolter option, then you can mount the frag launcher on their back, which is essentially an 8-inch d6 shot bolter cloud, which is different to the Centurion equipment that does a similar job.

The Aggressors could be a breacher unit, designed to walk up to enemy line, smash it, and let friends come in behind. Like the Centurions. And the Terminators. Or Dreadnoughts really. In fact, that's pretty much what Space Marines are for in general.The Aggressors exemplify that, and can carry twin heavy flamers to press their point.

8th edition space marine primaris aggressors review
Taken from the Games Workshop web store

However, they're not really for breaking through enemy lines. In fact, these guys do best when standing still. When they can shoot their weapons twice.

This works in overwatch too, and some of you have already worked out the maths on that. 3 Aggressors with a pair of flamers each, equates to 6d6 auto-hitting Overwatch shots. Now double that. Ouch.

These guys are a bodyguard unit. They fill gaps in the line, and make a redoubt or fortress of the barest bits of cover. And excellent anvil for the rest of the army to hammer against!

Which means the Space Marines now have specialist suits which can be used when the line is wavering. A crisis if you will. A suit for a crisis. A crisis suit.

And the Aggressors are a bodyguard crisis suit unit.

I think I'm being too subtle here...

8th edition space marine primaris aggressors review
8th Edition Space Marines
I think this needs more explanation.

Until next time!

Thanks for reading.

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