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BREAKING NEWS: Primaris Reiver Datasheet explained!

... because it's in Spanish.

This picture is from
space marine primaris reivers data sheet
Confirming all we know from the Warhammer Community spotlight
Y no conoceran el meido is Spanish for And They Shall Know No Fear. I think it sounds better in spanish, but probably because it sounds more like they're just not concerned. I can imagine all the Spanish Space Marines* encountering tyranid multi-limbed horrors and just shrugging their shoulders, saying "Meh" and just opening up with bolter fire.

Shock Grenade rules Google translated:

A grenade shock does not inflict damage. Instead, each time it hits an enemy infantry unit, it is stunned until the end of the turn, it can not make defensive shots, and your opponents must be 1 shot to hit by the unit. The following impacts of a grenade shock have no additional effects.
We knew this from the Warhammer Community post, but it's nice to see the grenade will have multiple shots to it. It also seems very unlikely that this won't work, as like marker lights it only needs to hit to be effective.

Terror Troops rules Google translated:

Enemy units must subtract 1 from their [Leadership] attribute if they are 3 "or less of any [Reiver]

So that's confirmed... they have a rational rule in that they have a tiny bubble of terror around them. In practical terms this will usually mean just the unit they're in combat with, but will certainly make the enemy think twice about blobbing all their units in one place.

Please forgive the shoddy translating. I'm a Science teacher, and whilst I used to teach English as a Foreign Language, other European languages are a mystery to me. Weirdly I'm better at Japanese than French, despite studying the latter and getting an A at GCSE for it.

However, what I can say is that this picture is most likely from the First Strike data sheet, rather than the new Codex Space Marines. Thefact that these guys have the ULTRAMARINES key word as opposed to <Chapter> is a good indicator of that, and I doubt Games Workshop would be stupid enough to only allow these guys to be Ultrasmurfs... particularly when it goes against their usual character. I also doubt they'd keep a unit like this to 3 models. Expect to see 5-10 men data sheets in the codex.

What is very strange is that there is no mention of infiltration rules. I had assumed this unit would be the Scout equivalent of the Primaris Marines, but it looks as though they're intended to foot slog across the battlefield rather than sneak up on the enemy. I doubt that this is the case, and what we have above is actually a cut down version of the real data sheet.

So... still not complete story on this unit. I'll keep my eyes open for more info, but if you find anything please let me know in the comments below.

Until next time!

*Some say the Crimson Fists are Spanish or Mexican.

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