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Pre-Order up for Primaris Captain and Librarian!

And by the Emperor, how they justify the price is beyond me!

primaris captain price 40k
£22.50 for a single infantry model!
I know this is a new model, and that the models in Dark Imperium have probably been sold at a loss for Games Workshop... but you can't justify the Primaris Captain there for £22.50. There's nothing special enough to justify it. It's essentially the sergeant model for the Intecessors with a cape.

Whilst I've been praising GW's prices and box sets lately, this is one purchase I can't justify. Get it if you have your heart set on decorative ropes and strangely suggestive dangly features between the models legs, but if that's what you want just stick with the Gravis-armour captain in Dark Imperium.
Primaris gravis-armour captain warhammer 40k
See the bone between his legs?
Weapons are better too. The benefit I can see for the Primaris Captain is having a long-range backline buff commander. The options for him are bolt rifle or bolt rifle, or power sword or no power sword.

space marine primaris captain bolter options
Scope or drum magazine...
So without harping on too much about it, probably not worth your pennies. The Librarian though...

Old image from Warhammer Community

Slightly better in that there's nothing in the current Primaris Line up that can be reasonably converted into a librarian, it's still fairly steepat £22.50. I can't deny it looks good though.

primaris space marine librarian 40k details
Jedi mind trick pose
It's really just the head detail and robes that set it apart. It's very reminiscent of the Dark Vengeance Librarian.

space marine librarian Dark Vengeance
More ropes and dangly things between legs...
The problem is that there is no other way to get psychic muscle for your Primaris Space Marines. You'll just have to justify to yourself that such an expensive model is equivalent in table top presence to a similar points cost infantry unit with ten times more models.

Worth your pennies, but still something hard to get permission for from the person that controls my personal model budget (re: The Wife). Not even going to attempt to justify that to the school bursar. Stuff like this is the very reason I created the blog, and why I'm asking for Patreon or Paypal donations.

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