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BREAKING NEWS: Codex Space Marine and New Units Spotted!

Over at Warhammer Community! Go go go!

I'll do a quick run down of the reveals on the page, but the very first picture needs discussing. It has new units teased!

codex space marine army reveal
Wow! 4 new units in one picture!
 Here's the units marked:

codex space marine army reveal
Well... three and a half
Starting on the left:

New Primaris Chaplain in robes. Looking really metal there, and appears to be rocking a genuine Iron Halo as opposed to a Rozarius. The Crozoius also looks more like a baton than previous iterations. To be honest, looks a lot like a really chunky Harlequin.

Apothecary. I'm not sure if that's a new model or not, but I don't remember them having a backpack. I am somewhat hopeful that the model pack will be interchangeable with a Techpriest, but I doubt that.

On the right:

Intercessors with plasma guns! Expect these to follow suite with the Heavy Bolter pistols, and the rules being similar to short range Plasma Canons. That would make them a really nasty drop unit, capable of blasting artillery in the back line.

Gravis-armour special weapons squad! Oh wow! I was expecting to paint my Hellblasters as SWAT coppers, but I think I may need to reserve that honour for these guys. It remains to be seen if these are Terminator replacements or Primaris Centurion Devastators, but they look like they have some kind of backpack  launcher and dual power fists like on the Gravis-armour captain.

My instincts tell me the that they will be a teleporting close combat unit, with those fists sporting pistols as well. Either way, they look awesome!

Right, pictures from the new codex. I haven't had a chance to examine them yet, so if you see anything, let me know in the comments below.

 Chapter tactics are back for:

  • Ultramarines (duh)
  • White Scars (yay!)
  • Imperial Fists 
  • Black Templars (hoping this will be better than 7th...)
  • Salamanders
  • Raven Guard
  • Iron Hands

The line from GW is that these tactics will not be as unit specific as before, meaning there can be more flexibility in unit choices. That was a real problem with White Scars and Raven Guard in particular, who could only field one of their specialist units in each Demi-Company in 7th, which then kicked off the whole Demi-Company variation explosion in Angels of Death. We'll have to wait and see.

Salamanders might even be able to use weapons that aren't flamers or melta-guns! Quite quite a Salamanders player would not choose them is beyond me, but at least now they may have a choice.

Formations are back in the form of Stratagems, but these will probably be in the Age of Sigmar sense, where an army is not forced into a certain pattern of units.

The big theme from GW is customisation on the Space Marines, which is going to be a great breath of fresh air after the Double-Demi-Comapny-White-Scars spam we saw in the last edition.

Tune in later for more reveals, as they've promised more this week! I'll be here as ever, giving you my analysis and observations.

Until next time!

Thanks for reading.

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