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40K BREAKING: New Sisters models and The Fall of Cadia

Christmas hype? Gone in an instant. Prepare to buzz with glee for the New Year!

Warhammer Community getting the scoop on all the 'leaks'out there, giving us some really nice resolution images of the new plastic Sisters of Battle models. And they are beautiful! I'm holding fire on deep analysis of these things to show you all as soon as possible.

New Inquisitor!

New Mechanicum Archmagos! Those of you following the rumour part of the Warhammer Community website are going to recognize some of the features of that model. It is without a doubt the most Adeptus Mechanicus-style crazy model produced to date!

There are two videos too for the new Fall of Cadia campaign, but I'm leaving that for tomorrow.

Good times ahead though... Looks like the 40K universe is about to have it's stability smashed with a hammer.

Great times to be in the hobby!

Thanks for reading.

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