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New box set formations

Since these box sets came out with some rather interesting names, we can predict some behaviours out of them, and some possible formations.

Space Marine/Space Wolf Skyhammer

We've got two Skyhammer formations already; the bland Ravenguard formation (Turn 1 can run after getting out), and the infamous Annihilation force (absolute cheese with a beard down to it's ankles).

We can expect the same thing here: Unit turns up on turn one, and probably has something similar to the Ravenguard formation in terms of running after getting out or shooting.

Dark/Blood Angel Gauntlet

Bit of a punt on this one, but will probably involve getting out after driving 12-inches. This somewhat steps on the toes of the Ironwolves, but would certainly give the Blood Angels a taste of the armoured blitzkrieg... especially since they lost a lot of their jump pack speed in the larger formations.

Chaos Desolator

Pure wishful thinking on this on... squad gets to assault out of the Rhino. No basis for this, but it would certainly make Chaos Players happy to actually field Chaos Space Marines again.

Astra Militarum Armoured Fist

There's already a Fist formation in the Cadian Decurion. I think this would be similar, giving bonuses to tank shock, or increased Ballistic skill for the tank. Something a bit more infantry friendly would be giving the troopers a cover save within a certain distance of the tank.

Ork Trukk Boys

Um... that's their name alright. No clues for this one, but if the Orks are lucky they'll see something like being able to charge after moving 12 inches in their Trukk.

Dire Avenger Skyblade / Kabalite Skysplinter

Somewhat of a weird one to call. Whilst my initial reaction is to say they're allowed to deep strike the transport, Raiders could do that already. Whilst it's hardly unusual for Games Workshop to heap great abilities on the Craftworlder's and defecate on the Deldar, I think it may be slightly more than allowing something like Deep Strike. It may be either a better targeted Deep Strike, or annoy the Marines by stealing their first turn deep strike rule.

Tervigon Brood Progenitor

Fairly certain it will be some kind of bonus to Gaunt production. If not, maybe something to boost the speed of the big mama, to put it in line with other transports.

Necron Warrior Ark Phalanx

Could go either way... either they take the endless Phalanx rule as in the Start Collecting! kit (Warriors come back after being wiped), or the Ghost Strider Phalanx for some Deep Strike action, and better quantum shielding. Depends if they want Necrons to mirror the Eldar or the Tyranid formation. With a little meta-analysis of the boxes, I'm leaning more towards the Warriors coming back and spawning next to the Ark.

Optimised Pathfinder Team

Actually haven't got a clue. If the intention is for people to use under-used units, then the +1 BS from the Optimised Stealth Cadre would allow them to compete better against Marker Drones in their Farsight formation. Other than that, being able to hit rear armour or ignore cover would drastically change their combat role.

If any of these ideas were to become true, then people would have a use for the units presented here. All those with new box sets are under-utilised right now, or at least seen as underwhelming. People will tend to view these units as taxes for larger formations, and this could be an attempt to make them more attractive (and thus sell more units).

Equally possible; this could be the first step towards Sigmarification of the 40K universe. A dataslate with these units on them could start to replace the CAD as it exists now. The Start Collecting! kit would form a core, and these formations would be the Objective secured additions to them. I find that highly unlikely, but just be prepared for a new list building paradigm.

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