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GW Christmas Exclusives 2016

Boxing day sales are a grand tradition in the UK, but it looks as though the miniature companies have put all their effort into the pre-Christmas run up this year. 

Basically nothing to report, and if you're looking for some good deals on minis today, I'd head to your local hobby shop to check out what's there. It's a bank holiday, and it looks as though my local Games Workshop is still open (albeit shortened hours).

But GW has done some special offers on their Web store for some classic minis.

Some are truly ancient artifacts from the before times when things were different, but a few of them wouldn't look out of place in a modern army.

Before any one gets excited, they're all Imperials. No Christmas cheer for you Xeno scum!

Just want to make special note of the chaplain:

Now this wasn't my first HQ model, but it was my favourite.  He led my Ravenwing Dark Angels for a long time before getting a spotty white pauldron and heading up my White Scars. 

I honestly can't remember what happened to him in the end. Glad to see the old boy back! Take a closer look at the back and the front of the bike... you'll see all the precursor pieces to the Ravenwing knight models accessories we see today.

A fine model, and if I had anything left after buying other models for the club (and toys for my own son), I'd order him again.

In other news, I'm headed towards Mini Mecca (GW HQ) in Nottingham to visit family. If I get a chance I'll try to pop in to see if there's any thing nifty going on. 

Hope everyone's getting over their Christmas hangovers!

Until next time.

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