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Schoooools! Out! For! Xmas!!

Sorry, I know I said I would talk about Rubric Marines.

However, it's the last day of term, and I'm going to the staff party. Proper update tomorrow after I've recovered.

Just to give you an idea of how full on a teacher's life is; on my way out of the classroom I was met by some tearful year 7 students. One of their fellow boarders had sat on their minis during packing up to go home.

Most people would offer sympathy, then run home. A teacher? Running the Warhammer Club? No chance.

I spent the next few hours in mini A and E (or ER for you Americans), patching up wounded Ravenwing Bikers and doing a particularly rocking conversion on a Stormcast Eternal Dracoth with a wonky Tempest Hammer.

But hey ho... price you pay for the next few weeks off.

Merry Xmas everyone!

Thanks for reading.

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