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40K, News: Fall of Cadia, Black Templars

I was going to simply show the new ad videos given by Warhammer Community... but then the Community team decided to give us this instead:

A neat video outlining all the releases over the past year (and there have been some big ones!), but the best bit is a little snippet at the end of the video.

"I think, I'd want to see, Saint Celestine at the head of a Black Templars crusade, into the Cadian Gate."
Since we've already had Saint Celestine in all her glory appear on the Community site, I think Black Templars fans can expect to have a very good New Year.

The other two videos below, but there's not a huge amount of info to go on. The Fall of Cadia teaser drops some very heavy hints at a Black Legion focused campaign... but is anyone surprised by that? It may be that we get some updated Chaos Space Marine models, but with the recent repackaged starter kits, I wouldn't bet on it.   Here they are though. If you can glean more from them, then let me know in the comments.

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