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The short honest review of 2016

It was all right.

Okay, it probably had the biggest political upheavals in recent memory, but lets be honest here... you don't come here for the political doom and gloom you can get from the major news outlets.

You come here for the plastic soldiers. And it's been a pretty solid year for plastic soldiers.

A slew of new box sets, Blood Bowl coming back, the Deathwatch series going strong, and Warhammer Quest getting an update. New models a plenty, capping off the year with a Daemon Primarch (despite some disappointing rules for his minions).

The FAQ bits came out this year, showing Games Workshop was starting to take customer complaints and feedback seriously. Warhammer Community got launched as a way for people to actually find out information about new releases.

In the Dungeons and Dragons world, we've got a bunch of new Unearthed Arcana, including a fix for the un-inspiring Ranger class. Volo's Guide to Monsters was released with a bundle of new playable races, including a cat dude. I only wish the Kobold wasn't so underwhelming, but underwhelming is what Kobolds do best. Also under-mining. And trapping things under your feet.

So, just remember this.

Right now, every idiot with a twitter account and what they think is a social conscience is out crying about how bad the world is, and how we're all going to kill each other over superficial differences, and how President Trump is going to launch all the missiles at every body (despite the fact it looks like Obama's doing his best to start World War 3 with Russia before he leaves office).

A lot of them are saying 2016 was a terrible year.

It was good for me. Good for 40K, and Age of Sigmar. Good for Dungeons and Dragons. It was probably good for you too, gentle reader.

So tomorrow, when you're all sending off the old year and welcoming the new, don't let the misery guts get you down. And it all comes down to one absolute truth about 2016:

Any year when you can Chaos Space Marines getting a competitive codex is a special one.

Thanks for reading.

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