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First Blood Bowl match!

Reports season. Yaaaaay...

Just another quick post due to writing over a hundred comments encouraging students to revise over the Christmas Holidays.

This is the first match of Blood Bowl played by the club.

 The club neophytes loved it, but in our haste to roll dice we didn't really read the rules that well. It was very much like young boys playing football for the first time and getting everything wrong, but grinning every step of the way.

Most of the game was spent chasing after the ball with all the players, with the only models hanging back in any kind of formation simply being left behind due to turn overs.

Also, due to a misunderstanding of what the phrase 'Follow-up' meant, there were a great many... many fouls.

With obvious results...

Orks won, 1-0, but were disappointed to leave some of the Human team still on the field. Also a Terminator showed up and started gunning down Linemen.

Rules are for wimps.

Thanks for reading.

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