8th Edition Indecision and Competition

So... with 8th Edition just a few days away, I have a decision to make.

What chapter should the clubs new Primaris Space Marines belong to?

There are two options: White Scars or my own Space Marine Field Police. Both are fairly unique, and I haven't seen any White Scars up. I enjoy painting both, but they are complete opposites to each other. What should I choose?

White Scars Space Marine Field Police
White Scars or Space Marine Field Police...
There will be a Twitter poll up here, but I wanted to put something extra fun in this.

People that comment on this post with good, quality reasons for choosing Scars or Police will count for 5 votes on the poll. If you really impress, I'll up that to 10.

As a final bonus, commenters will get the chance to name the Characters in the new Primaris army. This could be as simple as a Sergeant in a squad, all the way up to the Captain.

Of course, if you have any better ideas, I would go for that too! Any original chapter, or other established one you like... if you push it in the comment section, and rally enough people to your cause, you can counter the numbers of the poll! 
Over to you guys. What Chapter should the Primaris Marines be?

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I love this blog by the way. Personally I would go with the field police but then I'm fond of custom chapters because of my own.

    1. Glad to hear you like the blog! It makes this all worthwhile. I've actually just posted up the result of the poll. Have a look: http://tabletopteacher.blogspot.com/2017/06/work-in-progress-primaris-field-police.html


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