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Dark Imperium: Primaris Space Marines Field Police

The first of the Primaris Field Police squads are done.

Commissioned by Guilliman and the current Chapter Masters to maintain law and order amongst the besieged Imperium, these Primaris Marines have a clear mandate that stretches them beyond mere Founding Chapter loyalties.

Their mission is simple; ensure the Emperor's Laws are upheld. Whether these are broken by citizens, Space Marines or even the new Primaris Marines, no one is above the law. Indeed, to maintain their objectivity, the gene-seed origin of this chapter is known only to Guilliman and the other Chapter Masters. Thus no chapter can plead with them for clemency based on shared genetics.

Not that they are beyond mercy. For them is the constant debate between the Letter and Spirit of The Law. For a set of laws as expansive as the Imperium's, such interpretation is necessary. Thus, when a citizen steals bread to feed his family, the Judge Veterans of the chapter can step in to grant mercy.

And their judgement stands. For they are order incarnate.

Nos es Lex.

dark imperium primaris space marines
Primaris Field Police ready to make arrests

dark imperium primaris space marines
"You have the right to remain silent..."

dark imperium primaris space marines death guard
The Primaris Field Police move to arrest the Death Guard Nurgle's Gardeners

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