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Pre-Orders for 8th Edition 40K Today! (And some bonus rumours!)

Just two weeks to go from now, which means pre-orders for Warhammer 40K has gone live!

I've got mine in (well, for the school), and I was pleasantly surprised to get a bonus invitation to a release date celebration at my local Games Workshop shop. Free breakfast, and getting the box set 2 hours before the shop officially opens.

I'm nowhere near enough an important person to get special treatment (despite having sent two dozen students over to the shop to get miniatures clocking in at about three grands worth of revenue), and this is open to anyone who got pre-orders from the shop. I doubt there's a person reading this that isn't thinking of buying Dark Imperium on launch, so head over there tomorrow to get your pre-order.

Although, I'll admit some may not be dedicated (nerdy) enough to wake up early on a Saturday for a bacon sandwich and 40K. I am both nerdy enough, and desperate enough for a bacon sandwich to do so.

You also get some free mission cards! Awesome! And artwork for different factions!

My local shop was also doing a swapping roster, for people that wanted to trade their Plague Marines for Primaris Space Marines and vice versa on the day. This is why you buy from the brick and mortar shop guys!

Some sad news though, the shop used to run a £20 voucher for buying a starter kit. This was applied to both 40K and Age of Sigmar, but they've since stopped running this promotion. Kind of a bummer, but there is some good news!

The manager of my local let slip a little rumour about an upcoming promotion this Summer which is in his words, "...even better!" Furthermore, it will be open to anyone who ordered/bought Dark Imperium before it goes live.

I wouldn't usually talk about rumours and hearsay, preferring hard data and my own conjecture and analysis, but the manager has been really supportive and honest in the past.

So... watch this space I guess.

Until next time!

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