New Primaris Space Marines!

You blink for a second, and the marketing wheels spins out 3 new kits. Keep your eyes on Warhammer Community guys, because there are new Primaris Space Marines on the horizon!

primaris space marine captain
True Grit... real men hold bolters one handed.
First up is the Captain.

Games Workshop have been a bit Spartan on the details for this model, but what we do know is good. Despite rocking the Roman Mohawk, there will be no chapter icons on the model. You can make this guy into a White Scar, Ultramarine or even something a bit more special.

As for rules, well, we can speculate it to have Rites of Battle like the current Captain in Gravis armour. It's simply too good a synergy with the Primaris Lieutenants, the Captain giving re-rolls on To-Hits of 1, and the Lieutenants giving the same on wounds.

primaris space marine librarian
This guy looks familiar...
Lookingsuspiciously like the Dark Vengeance Librarian crossed with Obi-Wan Kenobi, the next model up is a Primaris Librarian.

That's all I really have to say about him. Expect two powers a turn, and the Librarius Discipline.

space marine primaris reivers
Guerrilla tactic 9-foot warriors!
 There's a big question mark over these guys.

Looking like Chaplains that have given up on the Imperial Faith and have taken up murder as a hobby, this is quite a departure from the Primaris Space Marine theme of noble saviours. Just like the Inceptors were meant to replace bikes and assault marines, these are probably there to replace Scouts.

I like the look of them, but I wonder how I'm supposed to fit them into my Primaris Field Police. I have toyed with the idea of bounty hunters in the past, and I think I might make them a specific unit tasked with tracking down individuals.

The issue is that they kind of come out of nowhere. There are only a few founding legions with something similar in the fluff, and none of them particularly nice. Perhaps I'm misinterpreting them, but I just can't see Guilliman commissioning a murder unit from his new type of Marines.

These are also the first of the easy build kit models for new 40K.

Expect to see infiltration rules, and something fun with the "suppressor pistols" they wield. I'm also hoping for Alpha Legion style power knives, but we'll see.

And that's it. Next post we'll briefly look at "new" Death guard models.

Until next time!

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