Bugman's Birthday Card! And some marking...

I'm slightly annoyed I have to do this as my hit count has suddenly jumped to over 1000 hits a day, but I'm taking this weekend off.

We've just had internal exams, and I'm current;y neck deep in Physics papers to mark. Unlike some subjects, there are a lot of questions I can zip through (calculations, graphs and diagrams) but then some where I need to really read and think (e.g. Just what does this person mean by the density collapsing under negative temperature? Can I give that a mark?)

Also, it's my birthday this weekend.

Happy birthday to me.

bugman's brewery birthday card on top of a physics a level exam
Birthday cards and Physics tests... 

That right there is a genuine Bugman's Brewery postcard send to me as a birthday card from a family member who perhaps understands nerds a little too well! I also got Star Wars cards. Good year!

That post card though... I wonder if it's limited edition or not. The date is 2003, so I wonder if someone has sent me a better birthday present than they intended! Either way, I'm very grateful for getting it, and it somewhat eases the irony of eating birthday cake and marking tests.

Until next time!

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