8th Edition Thousand Sons vs. Eldar Battle Report by Unknown

This battle report is courtesy of Unknown, who left it as a comment on my breakdown of the Thousand Sons in 8th Edition. Thank very much for leaving it there!


I ran Magnus, Ahriman, 1 Exalted Sorcerer on disc, 2 x 5 man rubrics.
He ran Eldrad, a hemlock fighter, 3 warlocks in 3 small units with the cannons, and 2 walkers.

Turn 1 

His impressive amount of weaponry took out my poorly positioned Ahriman I wanted to bait shots to avoid losing Magnus, but should have used my Exalted Sorcerer instead. His hemlock removed two of the rubrics from 1 squad, and a poor roll on battle shock took another, but he couldn't smite me through my wall of denial.

My turn 1 I advanced, set the exalted sorcerer and the remainder of the marine squad to work on the hemlock, then advanced Magnus, who lost his chance to charge Eldrad due to the boxcar denial versus Warptime. Sites are a unit of his and 5 of 6 versus the hemlock.

Turn 2 

He unleashed everything versus Magnus. The smite wounds from 1 successful cast from Eldrad did 1 wound, and Magnus and the Sorcerers denied everything Eldrad tried to cast otherwise. Some lucky shooting and unlucky saves later, Magnus ends the turn 8 wounds down total.

On my turn I used smite to clear the hemlock fighter and injure Eldrad, then charged Magnus. Flying charges make me want to run Lords of Change. The charge attacks destroyed Eldrad, created a chaos spawn, and left Magnus tearing up the bulk of the eldar army so the player picked it up, not wanting to face 4 smite plus with only one deny roll.

All in all, I liked it. I think the transport is probably worth it for 10 man rubrics with flamers now, so I'll test that next week.
It looks like the massed Mortal Wounds from Smite are devastating to "normal armies", as without deny and invulnerable saves there's no way to stop it. Remember that in this edition, any models lost results in a leadership test which could lose the enemy more models... and that's before the Rubricae open up with their guns!

The sheer amount of Psychic dakka is clearly the Thousand Sons anti-tank weaponry, and I simply love the imagery of the Hemlock fighter being brought down wreathed in warp flame and psychic lightning! Bear in mind, that because discs get the Fly key word, your Exalted Sorcerers can zoom up there and smack them with a Force Staff!

Thanks again to Unknown. On this busy weekend I really appreciate having this battle report to put up. If anyone else has any battle reports that they'd like to see posted, I'd be more than happy to put them up. Just write your report in the comment section below, and I'll tidy it up and add some pictures.

Until next time!

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