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(Belated!) Happy 6 month Birthday Blog!

As I shot past the 6 month mark without realising, thanks to a combination of 8th Edition and exam season kicking off, I thought it would be a good idea to do a quick stock check of how things were progressing now.

In case you were wondering, unlike the other two Birthday blogs where I was at a parents evening, I'm acting as monitor for a GCSE exam as I write this. This is like an unofficial invigilator, who is just a spare person to take people to the loo, escort unwell students to the school nurse etc. There's not much to do apart from work on a laptop at the back of the exam room, so I have some time to do this.

The blog was started on the 24th October 2016, so we're closer to the 8 month mark than anything. As of when I write this (14th June 2017), there are the following stats:

  • Post count: 261
  • Days active: 233
  • Posts per day: 1.12
  • Previous posts per day: 1.27

Laws of averages fully coming into effect here. As long as I stick to a post-a-day schedule, posts per day will keep falling down to 1. I'll still keep putting the number up there, so you can compare it to other blogs.

  • Total page views: 45,140
  • Views per day: 193
  • Views per post: 173
  • Prev. per day: 33
  • Prev. per post: 22

Well... this sky rocketed in the last month or so! To fully appreciate how much this went up, we'll indulge in some graphing. I know, I spoil you guys!

One guess as to what happened there.

With the reveal of 8th Edition, people have been hitting the internet hard for any scrap of information. I'm under no illusions that this increase will continue, but I'm hoping that some of you out there will keep coming back despite the new edition arriving this Saturday.

Unlike other news outlets, I don't spam my pages with adverts. At this point, whenever I visit the major sites, my browser slows to a crawl with the number of banners and flashing images. My work computer is not able to keep up with up with those sites, and I'm sure the click baity style of the headlines is an irritant to some people.

Not that I don't sometimes use click bait, but I'm not just getting your click for money. If I ever have a vaguely click bait sounding post title, I hope it's informative enough to be worth your time!

With that said, the reason I started this blog was to get more funds for my school club.

Again, with the release of 8th Edition, our budget has been hit pretty hard. Whilst the box set itself is £95, just within the club's termly budget, the extra index books for the student neophytes' armies has out me well out of pocket.

This is to say nothing of the dire state of our paint and hobby tool supplies. We're down to one plastic glue, some super glue I pinched from Design Technology (Shop class to you yanks), and two pairs of fairly ropey clippers.

I find myself quoting Ford a lot, often saying to students "You can paint them whatever colour you like, as long as it's green." Although at this point I may have to start pushing the idea of pink Space Marines to use up all the Bugman's Glow we have.

Whilst the students are generally happy with what we have, and usually okay with going out to buy their own models and kit, there are a few disappointed faces out there of people who realise they simply don't have the money to support this hobby.

The school I work at has a very high proportion of scholarship students. The school's mission, which it's been doing for roughly the last 400 years (no exaggeration), is to provide education and a stable home environment for kids that really need it. Next year, I will be working in the boarding house full time to provide that stable environment.

What that means is that about 50% of our students can't afford Games Workshop models. Realistically, only 75% of the students in the club use their own models. And they all rely on the club supplies for paints and tools.

So... support the blog and the club by donating to any other the links below. I'm working on affiliate links as well, so that you can support the blog whilst getting a good deal on minis.
Ok, my time invigilating is nearly over. Just two days to 8th Edition!
Until next time!

Thanks for reading.

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