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BREAKING NEWS: Space Marine Primaris Tank!

Double post today because I missed yesterday. Today's reveal over at Warhammer Community was the Primaris tank, the Repulsor:
So called because it repulses the ground?
No doubt piggy backing off the popularity of the Legio Custodes grav-tanks, this monstrous Metal Bawks looks like someone took all of the Space Marine vehicles and jammed them all together into one floating behemoth.
First up, it's a floating Land Raider. Duh. The only difference is the lack of an assault ramp at the front, instead just keeping the two at the side. This leaves more room for a twin lascannon sticking out of the front armour.
Then take the turrent from a predator, and put it on the top. Awesome. It appears to be coated with missile launchers, probably acting as the vehicles close combat weapons. There's also a turret mounted machine gun, which looks a bit like a heavy stubber... unusual for Astartes, so I wonder if it's a Cognis-stubber borrowed from the AdMech as part of Cawl and Guilliman's new bro-mance.
The pintle mounted assault canon looks odd as well. This may well be a new weapon, or a re-imagining of the rotor canon from the Horus Heresy.
Finally, it has the back of a Land Speeder. And the lower profile part too.
This makes it float.
Things we can expect to see:
  • Fast movement
  • Thick armour
  • Transport capability
  • Close combat capability
  • Possibly deep strike
  • This in every damn Primaris Army ever
  • "The enemy hides in floating bawkes! The comwards! The fewls!"
Video for more angles below:
I like it. It looks like a Space Marine tank, and if you must replace everything in the Space Marine line up with bigger models, I don't see why you can't just combine three of them into one to save development time and army slots.

The only person unhappy with it will probably be the famous Mr. Land, who will be irritated with someone messing up his designs.
Also, it kind of looks like the Star Wars ride from Disney world, and I for one appreciate that.
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