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Quick Tip: Stone Weighted Bases

Tired of your Prosecutors and Harlequins falling over? Here's a quick tip.

Something that I predict to be a problem for the new flying Inceptors is going to be the top heavy nature of the model. Harlequins and Prosecutors are the same, as they are either flying on a strand of parchment or leaping off of one slender leg.

As a consequence, they fall over if someone breathes heavily in their direction.

Some people like to glue pennies or other heavy coins under the base. Whilst that's not a bad idea, another way is to glue on some larger, heavier stones when you texture your bases with sand:

Harlequins with stone weighted bases

Prosecutors with stone weighted bases

You don't need that many, depending on what stones you use, and can be cheaper than pennies. All this was in my sack of mixed aggregate for basing anyway, and some of the larger ones I collected on my way into work.

The models stay upright, and the extra weight makes them feel a little better to handle.

One slight advantage is that these stones can be reclaimed from Dettol stripped miniatures, as Dettol dissolves PVA.

Just a quick tip, as I need to run off to another exam invigilation.

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