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Mad Science: Atmospheric Hydro-prop Booster

For some Astartes, jump packs are not enough. For some Astartes, true flight for mankind is the goal.

For this Space Marine... only piercing the heavens will do...

Primaris Inceptors think their jet packs are cool...

This Astartes sneers at Swooping Hawk wings!

This is where Warhammer 40K and teaching Science intersect. And...





Launch tomorrow.

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  1. New rules for Deep Strike? ;)

    1. Hahaha! Although, if I can nail 9-inches to target I'll be a happy Physics teacher.

  2. It's like something out of home alone especially if its an old pewter one.

    1. Old metal ones would actually be better than this plastic one. Since all the weight is at the back of the rocket, it'll tend to do cart wheels in the air. Launch coming up soon!


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