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New Death Guard Models!

Just a quick one on these guys, and a little pat on the back for Games Workshop.

death guard chaos space marines
These are easy build Death Guard Plague Marines, as revealed on Warhammer Community. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the models, and they even match well with the Dark Imperium numbers.

Right now, the Dark Imperium box comes with 7 Plague Marines (Nurgle's number). These easy build plague Marines not only bump that up to a full squad of 10, but bring a special weapon with them. What this means is that you can now field one big Plague Marine unit, or two 5-man units each with a special weapon.


death guard pox walkers
Really gooey.
Not so great with these guys, but easy to build horde models are alwas welcome. Unfortunately these look like they come in packs of six, and thus don't really gel well with the models you get from Dark Imperium.

That said, they do have a rule where models they kill have a chance of adding to their unit, so maybe having some spare will be a good thing.

Next up we look at the new starter kits that are available.

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