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How to build Primaris Space Marines

We're into the last week before 8th edition hits, and Warhammer TV has posted up the first of the starter box tutorials.

The video is below, but I just wanted to highlight a neat little detail in the instructions:

The colour coding is new, with yellow parts being where you put the glue, blue parts having different options, and green parts having different poses on the minis.

Whilst I can't say if this is a new policy, along with full colour instructions, or if this is just for the Dark Imperium starter kit, as a teacher I approve of the steps taken to make the process of making these models easier.

You may be thinking that this level of support isn't needed. You have never encountered an 11-year old who's just realised he has to make his own toys. During build sessions at the club I frequently get questions like where to put the glue, and this booklet is going to make those sessions easier.

Here's the full video:

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