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Dark Imperium: Nurgle's Gardeners Death Guard

The quick and easy Plague Marines I posted about earlier are complete.

These are the Nurgle's Gardeners.

Whilst they may not have as bone chilling name as other Death Guard, their reputation is perhaps more terrifying. Not simple content with waging war in Nurgle's name, their goal is to create wondrous farms and gardens where Nurgle's creatures may grow.

As soon as they make planet fall, poxes and airborne diseases are released into the atmosphere, in the hope that they will take root in the inhabitants there and prosper. The Gardeners will emerge from their ships, investigating population centers and carefully selecting organisms for host bodies.

Sometimes these organisms will resist and attempt to struggle against their tender care, but the Gardeners simply smile and set to gently removing these obstacles with bolter and plague knife. Slowly, and inexorably, the planet and inhabitants succumb to their good natured invasions and infections, until peace is spread across the planet.

Once the world is a miasma of putrification and pestilence, happy clouds of flies buzzing across the swamps and lakes of oozing disease, the Gardeners nod to each other. After a well deserved cup of Nurgle's Tea, they take to their ships to begin anew on a wild, untamed and clean planet.

For they have one purpose...

"Let it grow."

death guard dark imperium
Coming to spread Nurgle's Gifts...

dark imperium death guard
Some try to stop the Death Guard Gardeners in their duties

Death Guard Nurgle's Gardeners face off against their mortal enemies, the Primaris Field Police
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