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Happy Birthday Blog!

The blog has been active for a week now! Woo!

It's a little early to celebrate any kind of longevity, but it's worth thinking about a few analytics for this website. I'm asking for money to keep this up and running, and it's only fair that we take stock at what's actually taken place.

So far, there are 23 published posts on this blog, leading to a nice round number of 3 per day. That's a level of content creation I certainly could not maintain long term, but it's a good start for binge readers. I envisage this dropping to 2 free posts per day, and 1 paid post via Patreon.

We have had a total of 248 page views, which means an average of 35 views per day. Again, not a bad start, and I'd like to increase this traffic to an average of 100 by the end of the month. How this is done? Producing good quality posts on a regular basis, of course.

So far, no comments. I'm hoping that this will increase with time, and I get better at producing thought provoking work. I'm just going to say now to anyone who may be reading this, the first commenters on a blog are usually woven into the fabric of the blog itself. Those who are there at the beginning will have a hand in where we go from now. That may be incentive for the quieter readers out there.

The highest rated posts are the How to Run a club line, and since this is the reason I started this in the first place, I'll keep on with that line. I think I'll make club updates the two free permanent posts per week.

The one outlier in highly viewed posts in a little thought about genestealers. Since they're the newest toys, I think we can see why it's be popular right now. I may make the news the paid content for the site.

Looking at the audience, my largest readership comes from America... which I find bizarre, since Games Workshop is founded in the UK. Of course, the UK is second, followed by a fairly even spread from Europe.

If you've kept up with me for the past week, I thank you. Even at this early stage, a regular reader is a wonderful thing, and I will endeavor to make this blog a worthwhile part of your weekly routine.

Until next time!

Thanks for reading.

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