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Warhammer 40K, LATEST reveal: The Wrath of Magnus Developer interview

Warhammer Community has certainly made it easier to ride the hype train. Whoever they have working at Games Workshop's marketing department now really knows how to get the fan boy juices flowing!

This video was released earlier this weekend on Warhammer Community:

So a lot of things confirmed in this video. The warp fire flamers look like they're going to be AP3, which should have every jet-bike, White Scar and Ravenwing player quaking in their bike treads! Ignoring cover and most armour is going to turn this unit into a tremendously valuable anti-infantry unit.

The sprues shown on the Rubric Marine pre-order page shows a great deal of flamers on there, as in one per RUbric Marine. Just like the infamous Wraithguard D-Scythe, it appears as though this is could be built as a burner unit.

The downside to this is going to be the standard Rubric Marine Slow and Purposeful rule, somewhat muting the awesomeness of an entirely flamer equipped unit. It remains to be seen how this will be dealt with, but popping in a Pyromancy Sorcerer at the front should be able to satisfy most 40K pyromaniacs!

The short range of flamers also limits the desirability of such a unit, but a little hint of possible special rules was also given in the video. It mentions that Ahriman has managed to get a Tube Map for the webway, and now his Sorcerer buddies can use some of the more Chaos infused parts of it.

This could well mean deep striking Thousand Sons, in the same way as Dark Eldar and Corsairs! That makes the flamer punch of the Rubric Marines a critical threat for cover camping... well... anyone but Terminators!

And even then they will have to face the Psychic might of Exalted Sorcerers, who have been advertised as 'better than Librarians'. This may indicate some special rules, but it also might mean just more psyker levels. A telepath Sorcerer at the head of flamer wielding Rubric Marines creates a multi-role unit able to take on most threats in the game. If they have Deep Strike, then prepare for huge battlefield pyrotechnics!

Speculation at this point is somewhat moot, seeing as the book will be released soon. But I just wanted to reward the GW marketing team with a post on guesses based on their work. Whilst that might sound like I'm sucking up to the company, I merely want to encourage more of this style of information dropping. It's a massive amount better than having to rely on "industry insiders" from semi-reputable web sites which tend to crash your machine with the adverts plastered on them.

Keep it up Games Workshop!

Thanks for reading.

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