BREAKING NEWS: New Space Marine Reivers Revealed!

I was on the fence about Primaris Space Marines. I felt the Intercessors looked good, but somewhat dull. I thought the Inceptors looked like flying nuns with wimples flying out the back.

Reivers... I think I could happily build an army around these guys. Or maybe even an entire army out of them

I'm actually going to hold fire on a full rules analysis. Judging from the new equipment reveals, I think these are going to be one of the best units in the Space Marine arsenal. I want to give them a proper going over... with maths!

What we have revealed today:

Grav Chutes
Having pinched an idea from the Grey Knights, the above Reiver has added some bits to his power pack which allow him to fly... ish. We don't know what these do beyond giving new deployment options, but it's hardly a stretch to assume this is some kind of deep strike wargear.

Grappling Hooks Hard to say what these will do, but they'll either allow the Reivers to ignore terrain, or they'll do the cool Khar…

Warhammer 40K, Little Thoughts: Let the Heresey Begin!

I mentioned here about how the USA Election could be looked at as a choice between Chaos and the Imperium.

Looks like Chaos won!

As a geek only concerned with fantasy politics, I'm going to keep my position neutral. The only comment I'll make it to say that it appears as though the regular Imperial serf has decided to abandon the Imperial Truth in favour of a gamble on new gods.

Read from that what you will. I have no horse in this race.

What remains to be seen is which demon Primarch Trump will turn out to be. Will he be a Horus type? Angron? Magnus? Will he simply be another warband leader, such as Abaddon, or Lugft Huron?

There's only one thing we can be certain of. The hysterical fit thrown by the media is going to be utterly hilarious. Imagine an Inquisitor who can't vent his frustration by Exterminatus.

Think I might talk a bit more about this later today.

Crack open the popcorn folks. Things are going to get very interesting from here on out!

Thanks for reading.

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