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Happy Birthday Blog!

Tabletop Teacher is one month old today! Hooray!

Let's do some analysis.

So far I've published 52 articles, of varying length, for an average of 1.7 articles a day. Not bad, considering I thought I'd slow down to 3 posts a week. For the time being I'm going to keep this up. I have an awful lot to say about 40K and table top gaming, and there's always something new to discuss.

I actually was inspired to blog by EVE Online, where I started to record my exploits as a solo pilot. Back then Jester's Trek was the king of blogs, churning out at least one quality post a day, earning him the nick name Robo-blogger. I used to wonder how he could keep that up and still do his day job... now I think I know how. For the right topic all you need is an excuse to write.

In terms of views, we're now on a total of 734, which is small compared to any blog, but seems massive to me. That's an average of 14 views per post, and 24 views per day. That's just awesome in my book!

The main thing which has been driving the growth of the blog has been the creation of a Twitter account. Having an automatic system that fires off blog posts into social media has been great for getting people to notice me (as vain as that sounds).

I've also managed to gain about 12 followers, which has been somewhat unnerving. Unlike my previous brushes with social media platforms, I have no idea who any of these people are, and the fact that they've book marked me to keep track of is an unusual feeling. Hopefully they'll feel like clicking the follow button was worth it, and hopefully others will follow.

I've created a Facebook and Google+ page, but haven't utilized them much. I will need to go on a social media binge to figure out how these platforms work. Right now Facebook is my least favourite, as it feels like a clunky mess of an interface. I don't know how anyone can get anything done seriously on there. Google+ certainly seems less cluttered, but a lot of options seem hidden in odd places.

The Patreon pages remains stubbornly at $0/ month, and I can see why. I think a more effective way to accept any club donations would be PayPal, and I'll be making an account for that in the future. Whilst I would prefer to get monthly contributions to the club, I think I'll need to re-think this as a permanent charity drive for the students war gaming.

I'll keep the Patreon page, but I'll reform it to a personal thing for myself, if I ever get good enough for people to want to reward me. But for now I'll make PayPal the kitty for the club. I'm strongly against putting ads on the blog, but I recognise that people would prefer these passive methods of supporting the club and blog. If nothing comes down the line after a few months, I'll consider ads.

Not that this is going to stop me from wanting to blog, but if I can get some extra cash stacking shelves in a local shop for a few hours, I'll do that instead. I'm not so prideful that I wouldn't do something like that, but I think a few weeks of doing that on top of teaching in a boarding school would lead to something fairly dramatic and bad for my health.

To put my schedule in perspective, I'm bashing out this article in between sessions at a parents evening. Gotta use those spare minutes for something productive!

Ah, last parent. Until next time!

Thanks for reading.

If you liked what you saw, and you want to help out, please visit and donate at my Patreon. Every Little helps!


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