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Warhammer 40K, Little Thoughts: In the Grim Dark Future of Next Week

I don't really intend to be political on this blog, but it's topical and led to a little thought about 40K. Tomorrow is election day for the USA, and Americans will have the wonderful choice of Clinton or Trump.

Without being too vitriolic, this is like a choice between Chaos and the Imperium of Man.

On the one hand you have powerful and old Chaotic forces, built out of human emotion, and sustained by the passions of mankind. Sometimes these can be valuable and laudable, but often they lead to destruction. Human excess, violent nature, a deep rooted desire for change whilst clinging to old values, for many of the common folk of the Imperium this seems like the only choice they have.

Unfortunately, it is often a choice that leads to your own destruction, and the tarnishing of your very spirit.

On the other hand, you have the Imperium. Ancient and rotting at the core, rife with the corruption and decay that is inevitable of structures and systems left too long. Life in the Imperium is harsh, and without hope. Everyday will bring new trials, and your only reward being that you lived long enough to see the next challenge of your life, Choosing this is stability, but a knowing that it will be more of the same, a life without change.

An orderly life, secure in the knowledge that you are simply unimportant to the distant rulers, and dissent will often mean a visit from the local Inquisitor, preaching the Imperial Truth.

Yes, this is hyperbolic in the extreme, but if you were to read the papers you'd swear we were all on Necromunda about to vote between the Imperial Governor and a Chaos Dark Disciple.

What I hope this gives you is some perspective. Regardless of who gets elected tomorrow, the country will still be unhappy. Or at least will be the media's narrative. But you don't risk your soul getting eaten by a demon, and nor do you have to face the possibility of the commissar's bullet every day.

Then again, less chance of being a Space Marine or piloting a Tau Riptide. Win some you lose some.

Just a little thought...

Thanks for reading.

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